First and foremost, thank you to the few brave souls who came out to donate to the
food closet during last Thursday's storm!  That was above and beyond the call of duty!  And we thank you.


We continue to be very low on our staple products.  We have not received much in the way of canned vegetables from our New Jersey Food Bank.  The Food Bank has been able to supply chicken soup, canned beef and pork and butter, much of which we distributed on the 12th of February.  But we do have to supplement our government distribution.  Just to explain how we operate:  on the second Friday of each month, we distribute food we have received from the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, supplemented by our donated food.  On the fourth Friday of each month, we distribute only donated food.  We are only permitted to distribute food supplied by the State of New Jersey or the USDA once each month.  The government recommendation is that we give three days of food to each family.  We, of course, through the food and cash donations we receive, distribute enough for at least a week for each family, including products the government does not provide and which can not be purchased with SNAP funds, such as toilet paper, soap and detergent.  In January, we distributed food to 227 adults and 100 children, representing over 145 families in Lower Township and Cape May.  Our February 12th distribution served over 75 families and I anticipate that the February 26th distribution will be about the same.  That's a lot of fresh produce, canned foods, cereals, soup, bread, eggs, poultry and meat products!  That's why your generosity is so important.  Let's all look ahead to a time when the Food Closet and all that we provide will be a memory for many of our clients and that we will be remembered fondly as generous and warm and welcoming when people needed us most.


Here's our list for donation for February 25th:


- Vegetable Soup

- Meat Soup (like beef with vegetable, etc)

- Tuna

- Canned String Beans (we're very low)

- Canned Corn (also very low)

- Canned Peas (we have some)

- Cheerios

- Shelf Stable Milk

- Any meat or poultry you may find on sale in your grocery store

- Bread (white and whole wheat)

- Eggs

- Cake Mixes, Brownie Mixes, Frosting

- Goldfish

- Pretzels

- Creamy Peanut Butter


Thank you!



Overcoming food scarcity today!


The Cape May Community Food Closet is a volunteer organization focused on making sure that all members of our community have the basic necessity of food. Children can't learn and adults can't be productive if they are hungry.

Our volunteers do this by:

  • Delivering food to people with health or mobility issues

  • Distributing food to people who are in need

We accept donations of food, paper products, personal care products including diapers, and of course monetary donations are accepted as well.

Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference

Your support is important to our work at Cape May Community Food Closet. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to be a force for good in our community.



Make a Food Donation


Contact Cape May Community Food Closet

Buy a reusable BAG at ACME in Cape May, North Cape May and Court House and the FOOD CLOSET will receive $1.00.




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